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Education Blog

17th June 2022

What is the Musicverse NFT collection?

The Musicverse NFT collection at OpenSea on Polygon (Matic) blockchain consists of the community minted Music NFTs, which are dedicated to Space theme and are formed by instrumental tracks without excessive words, but with spacey and atmospheric vibe. This collection is going to be minted by the Musicverse Community members joined the PublMe Space community network – the current core of the Musicverse. We would like to build the brightest future for creators and the supportive community ...

2nd June 2022

What is the Musicverse?

Building the brightest future for musicians and all creators around music we feel like we can optimize the current structure of the music business and industry.We focus on creative tools for the Musicverse (part of the Metaverse, or the named enclave) where musicians and producers may live comfortably, get connected, do business and monetize the creativity making a living from it. It is for Everyone. Really. Musicverse which we are going to build is open source and free, decentralized and...

24th January 2022

Major label revenues for 2021

Approximately $19.6 billion was earned by major labels for 2021, an increase of 29% over the previous year. By comparison, revenue growth was 6% in 2020 and 10% in 2019. The main source of revenue was steaming. Spotify, one of the main players in the market, earned 9.6 billion, 22% more than last year. As for the overall market, everything is great. For the year, only one of the four largest markets for recorded music matched the trend of the majors. This growth can be attributed to several ...

3rd July 2021

My philosophy on total artist development

HERE IS A LITTLE MORE ABOUT MY PHILOSOPHY ON TOTAL ARTIST DEVELOPMENT: A GREAT SINGER. A GREAT SONG. A GREAT RECORDING. In our Artist Development process we will not only help you produce a great song, you will be developing yourself and your career and set the tone for your future career. HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: Phase One: THE PLAN Who are you and where are you headed as an artist? What are your plans, hopes and dreams? How do you see yourself fitting in (or cr...

2nd July 2021

Songs administration check list

This is a check list of free resources you can use to help you get started with organizing and managing your basic music publishing administration. You can do most of these yourself, but recommend that you consult with a qualified person for specific administrative and/or legal advice as needed. Songwriter Split Sheet Split sheets are an essential safeguard to ensure that you and each person you are co-writing with gets paid their fair percentage of publishing income. Use a Split Sheet to help...