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19th November 2022

Fediverse >? Metaverse

What is Fediverse? It is an ecosystem of decentralized resources built on p2p protocols like ActivityPub with data exchange between resources and interconnected communities. What is Metaverse? There is a global misunderstanding or not enough clear explanation what it actually is. In general it is just a terminology explaining global virtual world of something, but what it actually is - 3D graphics, VR/AR implementation with avatars and real people "playing" their characters in virtual world f...

21st September 2022

PublMe World and The Musicverse

Based on the previous posts and on the Roadmap highlighted on the publme.world website we are looking for new people who would like to join us to make this happen. Musicverse DAO is going to release the ERC-20 Token in the Ethereum blockchain for The Musicverse galaxy support as a security token. The community network may start earning of the PMC rewards which may be swapped to tokens after the launch of staking process. Going into new world of communication, communities and media we would lik...

23rd August 2022

What is PublMe?

Originally, being created to be the full-cycle platform for musicians to "live" there and monetize their creativity, it became something bigger than just a platform. It became the Home and Space for everyone where they can not only get rewarded for their streams and educational courses which they make, but also connect inside the community network and create own communities, either for doing business or for having fun. Virtual PMC economy helps this to be achievable. Of course, in the current we...

17th June 2022

What is The Musicverse NFT collection?

The Musicverse NFT collection at OpenSea on Polygon (Matic) blockchain consists of the community minted Music NFTs, which are dedicated to Space theme and are formed by instrumental tracks without excessive words, but with spacey and atmospheric vibe. This collection is going to be minted by the Musicverse Community members joined the PublMe Space community network - the current core of the Musicverse. We would like to build the brightest future for creators and the supportive community which ...

2nd June 2022

What is The Musicverse?

Building the brightest future for musicians and all creators around music we feel like we can optimize the current structure of the music business and industry.We focus on creative tools for the Musicverse (part of the Metaverse, or the named galaxy) where musicians and producers may live comfortably, get connected, do business and monetize the creativity making a living from it. It is for Everyone. Really. Musicverse which we are going to build is open source and free, decentralized and ...